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Appointments and Reservations of Time

Appointments (reservations) are preferred to avoid disappointment; Most of the Amsterdam courtesan models are generally available for appointments throughout the week, but certainly not every day. We encourage this high class situation as a professional career, albeit hopefully short-lived. In fact, for most of our model courtesans, this is a second income, and mainly entered into for the pure enjoyment.

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Please fill in the form bellow and chose your preferred escort. It is important to send as detailed as possible information with any special requests about your appointment.
After submitting your request, our online booking coordinator will respond as soon as possible.

Short notice bookings can occasionally be arranged, however this is subject to availability and courtesan escorts' schedules in Amsterdam. Regardless, it is advisable to book reservations of time ahead as far as possible; even if a Amsterdam model does make herself available all night, there is no guarantee she will not be booked elsewhere. When you make a reservation a day or two before, the high class model escort can do her best to ensure she will be available for you, regardless of the time of day. We do ask you to remember the models are HUMAN BEINGS, not robots. Occasionally they will take to their bed with the flu, or have difficulty getting away from family etc - we trust our gentlemen are mature enough to understand we will always give you advance notice of this where possible.

However if you are uncontactable, we will let you know when we hear from you. In this situation we usually have someone equally suitable in mind for you, or sometimes at a higher level for the same fee, to compensate. Obviously these situations are not common, and certainly not enjoyed by the Amsterdam Escorts 69 Agency. However when there's no choice, there's no choice, and no amount of tantrums or annoyance will help - the models are not hotel rooms or rental cars, just waiting to be utilized. They are people, who encounter availability issues occasionally. Please remain patient and understand, if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation, we will always make it up to you. :-)